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Russian Women Scams/Black List

We are often asked by American guys who have corresponded with a Russian or Ukrainian woman to verify her "sincerity." This question is usually triggered by suspicions or a request for money — for example, "I can receive my visa only after I pay for my air ticket." In most cases, you are being scammed.

The US Embassy in Moscow, consulates in the former Soviet Union, and numerous websites warn about Russian and Ukrainian women (or individuals pretending to be women) seeking to scam American men. Usually, the scam involves money but sometimes may be an attempt to use you to get to the United States. The warning signs vary:

  1. a refusal to meet in person or communicate over the phone;
  2. sob stories;
  3. she falls in love with you by the third letter;
  4. request to send money in order to pay for visa agency fees;
  5. request to send money in order to pay for tickets;
  6. request to send money in order to have on a bank account to show her financial viability when applying for a visa;
  7. request to send money in order to have on her person for passport control;
  8. a lack of a phone number, mailing address;
  9. avoidance of details about personal life;
  10. false indignation about not sending money;
  11. if "willing" to meet, a request to send money in advance in order to "pay" for a hotel;
  12. she sends a copy of a "doctored" visa.

If you would like to verify the sincerity of the woman that you are corresponding with or just would like to have a second opinion, we would be happy to help. Usually, any doubts that you have may be resolved in the course of a consultation. With our presence in Moscow, ability to speak the local language, intimate familiarity with Russian documentation and registrations, knowledge of US visa requirements, long time experience with Russian women, and legal training, we are uniquely positioned to provide you with the guidance and feedback that you need. Feel free to contact us for a consultation.

Ken White has helped over 2000 individuals and families immigrate to the US and Canada from every corner of the world.
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"Having worked in all three branches of US Government and having lived overseas for 15+ years, Ken is uniquely equipped to handle the cross cultural nuances after EB5 immigration."
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